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Möt Happy Fireworks på världens största leksaksmässa "Spielwarenmesse"

Tid: 2020-02-05 Träffar: 57

The 71st Spielwarenmesse international toy fair was held in early 2020. This annual global gathering of the toy industry in Nuremberg, Germany welcomed more than 2800 exhibitors from 136 countries. As one of the representatives of Liuyang fireworks, The high quality products displayed by Happy Fireworks attracted many buyers.

Nürnberg är den centrala staden i Franken-regionen i Bayern, Tyskland, känd som världens "leksakshuvudstad", en viktig leksakshandelsmarknad. Nürnbergs internationella leksaksmässa "Spielwarenmesse" har hållits sedan 1949 och är en av de tre mest kända, inflytelserika och besökta leksaksmässorna i världen. Spielwarenmesse (2020) samlar minst 1 miljon leksaksprodukter i 12 kategorier fördelade på 18 showhallar.



As traditional festival consumption products, fireworks and firecrackers are also classified as festival toys by foreign merchants. In order to actively respond to the strategy of going out, Happy Fireworks has been participating in the Exhibition in Germany for many years, which also witnessed the increasing demand of foreign consumers for high-quality fireworks products in Liuyang, China. In the booth of Happy Fireworks, Cakes, Rocket fireworks, Toy fireworks and other products attracted buyers from all over the world. The annual exhibition has also become a high quality platform for Happy Fireworks to contact old customers, meet new customers and butt new orders.

After the exhibition, Julia Deng, the CEO of Happy Fireworks visited Fireworks companies and negotiated business in Europe. This trip to Europe further deepened the understanding of The European market of Happy fireworks, and further consolidated the influence of the brand of Happy Fireworks in Europe.